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About SusChem

The SusChem team

The composition of the Sustainable Chemistry team reflects the wide range of expertises contributing to this Research Priority Area.

Three PI's lead the SusChem Research: Prof. Bas de Bruin, Prof. Joost Reek and Prof. Gadi Rothenberg. Together, these three group leaders cover the areas of homogeneous-, supramolecular- and heterogeneous catalysis. With funding from the Research Priority Area, two talented tenure-trackers have been appointed to complete the pallet of expertise. Dr Moniek Tromp contributes with expertise in the characterization of complexes based on first-row metals, and Dr Ning Yan with expertise in fuel cell technology.

Further, the core of the Research Priority Sustainable Chemistry is formed by a joint team of over 20 senior and junior permanent scientific staff, all of whom work on catalysis and/or sustainable materials and processes. These researchers operate within the Sustainable Chemistry research theme of the Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences (HIMS). In addition, PI's from other HIMS research themes also provide important contributions to the research programme of the RPA.

Joost Reek, photo by Jan Willem Steenmeijer
Prof. J.N.H. (Joost) Reek

Joost Reek

Supramolecular transition metal catalysis

Website group Reek

Joost Reek is the coordinator of the Research Priority Area Sustainable Chemistry.

Prof Bas de Bruin, professor Bio-inspired sustainable catalysis
Prof. B. (Bas) de Bruin

Bas de Bruin

Bio-inspired sustainable catalysis

Website group De Bruin

Prof. G. (Gadi) Rothenberg

Gadi Rothenberg

Heterogeneous catalysis and sustainable chemistry

Website group Rothenberg 

Dr. M. (Moniek) Tromp
Dr M. (Moniek) Tromp

Moniek Tromp

Characterisation of first row transition metal catalysts

Research page Moniek Tromp 

Dr. Ning Yan
Dr N. (Ning) Yan

Ning Yan

Fuel cell technology

Research page Ning Yan 





Full overview of contributing staff

(by research group, listed in alphabetical order)


  • Assistant professor Francesco Mutti

Catalyst Characterization

  • Associate professor Moniek Tromp
  • Assistant professor Andreas Ehlers
  • Veni fellow Ties Korstanje

Computational Chemistry

  • Professor Evert Jan Meijer: Molecular Simulations
  • Associate professor Bernd Ensing
  • Assistant professor David Dubbeldam

Heterogeneous Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry

  • Professor Gadi Rothenberg: Heterogeneous catalysis and sustainable chemistry
  • Associate professor Raveendran Shiju
  • Assistant professor Stefania Grecea

Homogeneous, Supramolecular and Bio-Inspired Catalysis

  • Professor Joost Reek: Supramolecular transition metal catalysis
  • Professor Bas de Bruin: Bio-inspired sustainable catalysis
  • Professor Bob van der Zwaan: Sustainable Energy Technology
  • Assistant professor Jarl Ivar van der Vlugt
  • Vidi fellow Tiddo Mooibroek

Industrial Sustainable Chemistry

  • Professor Gert-Jan Gruter: Industrial Sustainable Chemistry (by special appointment)

Molecular Photonics

  • Professor Fred Brouwer: Spectroscopy and photonic materials
  • Professor Wybren Jan Buma: Molecular Spectroscopy
  • Professor Sander Woutersen: Molecule Spectroscopy (by special appointment)
  • Associate professor Hong Zhang
  • Assistant professor Rene Williams

Synthetic Organic Chemistry

  • Professor Henk Hiemstra: Organocatalysis and sustainable synthesis
  • Professor Jan van Maarseveen: Bio-Inspired Organic Synthesis
  • Associate professor Chris Slootweg
  • Asssociate professor Steen Ingemann Jorgensen
  • Assistant professor Tati Fernández-Ibáñez