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Sustainable Chemistry

UvA Research Priority Area
New conversions need new chemistry
Learn why chemistry is key in the sustainable energy transition
Research questions
How can we meet the sustainability challenges posed to chemistry?
Our team has a wide range of expertise in sustainable chemistry solutions
Research Priority Area
Sustainable Chemistry is an UvA Research Priority Area, representing the very best the university has to offer
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18 November 2019
PhD researcher Klaas van Leest of the University of Amsterdam's Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Chemistry (HIMS) was awarded the poster prize at the 25th anniversary symposium of the Holland Research School of ...
14 November 2019
SusPhos, a startup company of the University of Amsterdam, has received a convertible loan of € 300,000 from the Innovation Fund Noord-Holland. The loan enables SusPhos to bring technology to market that upgrades ...
5 November 2019
The Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences has signed a formal agreement on research collaboration with the Shanghai Institute for Cleantech Innovation and the Shanghai Advanced Research Institute (SARI) of the ...
Our Sustainable Chemistry researchers are continuously exploring partnerships with industry to identify relevant research questions and explore possibilities for the valorisation of innovative ideas