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UvA chemistry graduate Rolf Beerthuis has been accepted for a two-month research project at Fudan University - one of the top 5 universities in China. Beerthuis, who obtained his MSc degree cum laude earlier this month, will work on catalytic conversion of biomass in the group of Prof. Hualong Xu of the Laboratory of Advanced Materials.

Rolf Beerthuis
Rolf Beerthuis

Rolf Beerthuis did his master's project on the transformation of lactic acid to acrylic acid with Dr. Raveendran Shiju and Prof. Gadi Rothenberg of the Heterogeneous Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry group, part of the UvA Research Priority Area (RPA) Sustainable Chemistry. His research has resulted in three co-authored papers and has won him the 'best poster' award in the symposium 'Engineering for a Sustainable Future'.

The subject of Rolfs project at Fudan University is closely related to the collaboration of the UvA with Fudan University and Huayi Chemical, one of the largest chemicals producers in the Shanghai area. The three parties work on a joint project for catalytic biomass valorisation, funded by the Chinese Government.

The student exchange will further enhance the collaboration of the RPA Sustainable Chemistry with leading universities in China, a key direction for UvA collaborations. 

Green Chemistry conference 

During his visit Rolf will present a poster on his MSc research at the Green Chemistry conference in Shanghai. He will write a personal account of his 'Shanghai experience' here on the SusChem website.